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Module 1: CCI
Course Book
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1 Handout 1.1: Perception

Bachelard G
Goffman E


Money as Debt

(Click on the image below for introductory video)

money as debt

3 Handout 1.2:  Ecological Perception Perception & Being

Gibson J J
Norman D A
Merleau Ponty M

4 Handout 3: Thinking and the Expression of Thought  
5 Handout 4: Introduction to Culture as a Concept
handout 4

Watkin D

6 Handout 5: Concepts of Perception Dawkins R
Prigogene I
7 Handout 6: Signifier & Signified handout 6  

Presentation week:  Architectural Theory 1, Part A

(Click on the image below for a PDF copy of the presentation.)

Architectural theory presentation


Presentation week:  Architectural Theory 1, Part B

(Click on the image below for a PDF copy of the presentation.)

Architectural theory presentation

Module 2: CCII
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1 Handout 7: Ideology & Utopia I handout 7 Baird G
Buber M
Hearn F
2 Handout 7.1: The Space Between handout 7.1 Arendt H
3 Handout 7.2: Constructs and Programs Handout 7.2

Thompson B
Shaw G B

5 CCII list of names CCII List of names
Module 3: CCIII
Course Book
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1 Handout 8: Problems with the concept of Society

Stevenson L
Jammer M
Bakhtin MPlamenatz

2 Handout 9: Self Society and Species

Scott G
Watkin D

3 Handout 10: Synchronic and diachronic

Barthes R
Saussure F de
Gelernter M

4 Handout 11: Phenomena and the concept of a Causal Fabric

Lynch K
Neisser U

5 - 12 Guest presentations  
Module 4: CCIV
Course Book
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1 Handout 12: Artificial Intelligence
2 Handout 13: Transport Systems
3 Handout 14: The Public Realm
5 Handout 15: Manifestos And Polemics
6 Handout 16: Ideology And Utopia II
7 Handout 17: Peter Kropotkin
Peter Kropotkin
8 Handout 18: Robert Owen
Robert Owen
9 Handout 19: Henry George
Henry George
10 Dissertation lecture  
11 Dissertation lecture  
Module 5: CCV Back
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1 Dissertation individual sessions  
2 Dissertation individual sessions  
3 Dissertation individual sessions  
6 Dissertation individual sessions  
Module 6: CCVI
Course Book
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1 Handout 20: Hermeneutics II

Cohen G
Canguilhem G
Frampton K
Kurokawa K
Foucault M
Gelernter M

2 Handout 21: Indeterminate Certainties

Schutz A
Machiavelli N
Lakoff G
Kagarlitsky B
Vattimo G

3 Handout 22: Language

Barthes R
Saussure F de
Hawkes T
Guiraud P
Peirce C S
Jencks C, 1977
Lavin S
Lawson B
Summerson J
Kitchen R Freundschuh S (eds)
Lynch K
Tolman E C
Piaget J

4 Handout 23: Behaviour

Altman I
Blakemore C
Broadbent G
Downs R M Stea D
Gibson J J
Goffman E
Goleman D
Hall E T
Hillier B
Rapoport A

5 Handout 24: The Visible Hand
6 Handout 25: The Four Humours
7 Handout 26: Hysterical Structures
8 Handout 27: Culture
9 Handout 28: Epistemic Shifts
10 Review  
Module 7: CCVII
Course Book
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Handout 29: Vienna Circle

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  • Click below for a 5-page introduction

Vienna Circle

handout 29

Maturana H R

2 Handout 30: Frankfurt School
handout 30

Kellner D
Marcuse H

3 Handout 31: Husserl and Phenomenology handout 31

Dreyfus H L

Moran D and Mooney T

4 Handout 32: Ricoeur and Habermas handout 32

Ricoeur P
Habermas J

5 Handout 33: Machiavelli and Hobbes handout 33

Machiavelli N
Peters R

6 Handout 34: Leo Strauss handout 34

Tanguay D
Damasio A R

Book List in Alphabetical Order
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* Addis B, Building, Phaidon Press, 2007 (4-page excerpt)

CCI (Essential)
Common Source
  Aitchison J, 1989, The Articulate Mammal, Routledge, 1996 CCVI (Essential)
  Altman I, the Environment and Social Behaviour, Monterey, Brooks Cole, 1975 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Anderson J A, 1996, Communication Theory, New York, The Guilford Press CCVI (Essential)
  Arendt H, The Human Condition, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1969 CCII (Essential)
  Bachelard G, The Poetics of Space, Boston, Beacon Press, 1964 (8-page excerpt)
Illustration of excerpt
CCI (Essential)
  Bakhtin, Mikhail. Toward a Philosophy of the Act. Ed. Vadim Liapunov and Michael Holquist. Trans. Vadim Liapunov. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1993 CCIII (Mentioned)
* Baird G, The Space of Appearance, Cambridge Ma; London, MIT Press, 2003

CCI (Essential)
CCII (Essential)
CCIII (Essential)
Common Source

  Barthes R, Elements of Semiology, New York, Hill and Wang, 1968 CCIII (Mentioned)
CCVI (Mentioned)
  Berthoz A, The Brain’s Sense of Movement, Harvard University Press, 2000 CCI (Mentioned)
  Blakemore C, How the Environment Helps Build the Brain, In – Cartledge B (ed), Mind Brain and Environment, Oxford University Press, 1998, pp.28-55 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Bleicher J, Contemporary Hermeneutics, London and new York, Routledge
and Kegan Paul, 1980
(2-page excerpt)
CCVII (Mentioned)
  Broadbent G, 1975, Design in Architecture, David Fulton, London, 1988 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Buber M, Between Man and Man, Fontana Library, Glasgow and London, 1961 (1947) (11-page excerpt)
CCII (Mentioned)

Canguilhem G, 1966, The Normal and the Pathological, Zone Books, New York, 1989

See also the introduction to this book by M Foucault

CCVI (Mentioned)

Cohen G A, Karl Marx’s Theory of History, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1984


(3-page excerpt)
CCVI (Mentioned)
  Damasio A R, Looking for Spinoza, London, Vintage, 2004 CCVII (Mentioned)
  Dawkins R, The Blind Watchmaker, Penguin Books, 1991 CCI (Mentioned)
  Downs R M Stea D, 1973, Image and Environment, Edward Arnold, UK CCVI (Mentioned)

Dreyfus H L, Husserl Intentionality and Cognitive Science, Bradford MIT Press, Cambridge + London, 1982

Dreyfus H L, Being in the World, Cambridge Massachusetts and London England, MIT Press, 1997

CCVII (Mentioned)

Foucault M, The Archaeology of Knowledge, Tavistock, London, 1972 translation by Sheridan Smith, 1977

Foucault's paper is the introduction to: Canguilhem G, The Normal and the Pathological

(4-page excerpt)
Foucault excerpt
CCVI (Mentioned)
  Frampton K, Labour Work and Architecture, Phaidon Press Ltd, 2002 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Gelernter M, Sources of Architectural Form, Manchester and New York, Manchester University Press, 1995 (1-page excerpt)
Gelernter excerpt
CCI (Essential)
CCIII (Essential)
CCVI (Essential)
  Gibson J J, The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception, Lawrence Erlbaum Assocs, London, New Jersey, 1986

CCI (Essential)
CCVI (Mentioned)

  Goffman E, Behaviour in Public Places, Free Press, 1966 (10-page excerpt)
Gelernter excerpt

CCI (Mentioned)
CCVI (Mentioned)

  Goleman D, Emotional Intelligence, Bloomsbury, 1996 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Guiraud P, Semiology, London;Henley;Boston, Routledge and Keegan Paul, 1978 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Habermas J, 1990, Justification and Application, Polity Press, Cambridge, 1993 CCVII (Mentioned)
  Hall E T, The Hidden Dimension,, Bodley Head, 1966 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Hays K ed, 1998, Architectural Theory Since 1968, MIT Press, 2000 CCVI (Essential)
  Hawkes T, Structuralism and Semiotics, London, Routledge, 1992 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Hearn. F, Ideas That Shaped Buildings. MIT. MA. 2003 CCII
  Hillier B, Space is the Machine, Cambridge University Press, 1996 CCVI (Mentioned)
* Inglis D; Hughson J, Confronting Culture, Cambridge, Polity, 2003 CCIII (Essential)
Common Source
  Jammer M, Concepts of Space, Harvard Uni Press, 1969 CCIII (Mentioned)
  Jencks C, 1977, The Language of Post Modern Architecture, Academy Editions, London CCVI (Mentioned)
  Kagarlitsky B, The Return of Radicalism, London and other places, Pluto Press, 2000 CCVI (Mentioned)

Kellner D, Herbert Marcuse and the Vicissitudes of Critical Theory

(Kellner's introduction to:
Marcuse H, Towards a Critical Theory of Society, London, Routledge, 2001)

(2-page excerpt)
Kellner illustration
CCVII (Mentioned)
  Kitchen R Freundschuh S (eds), Cognitive Mapping, Routledge, 2000

(2-page excerpt)

CCVI (Mentioned)

Kurokawa K, The Philosophy of Symbiosis, London, Academy Editions, 1994


(2-page excerpt)
CCVI (Mentioned)
  Lakoff G, Moral Politics, Chicago and London, Uni of Chicago Press, 2002 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Lavin S, Quatremere de Quincy and the Invention of a Modern Language of Architecture, MIT Press, 1992 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Lawson B, The Language of Space, Architectural Press, 2001 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Leach N, Rethinking Architecture, Routledge, 1997 Common Source
  Leader D. Groves J, Introducing Lacan, Cambridge UK, Icon Books, 1995 CCVI (Essential)
  Legates R T and Stout F, The City Reader, London and New York, Routledge, 2007 (reprinted with new editorial) Common Source
  Lynch K, The Image of the City, Cambridge USA, MIT Press, 1960 CCIII (Mentioned)
CCVI (Mentioned)
  Machiavelli N, The Prince, Penguin, 1981 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Mallgrave H F, Architectural Theory Vol.1, Oxford UK and other places, Blackwell, 2006 CCVI (Essential)
Common Source
  Marcuse H, The New Left and the 1960's, Routledge, 2004 (1-page excerpt)
Maturana extract
CCVII (Mentioned)
  Maturana H R and Varela F J, The Tree of Knowledge, Shambhula, Boston & London, 1998 (6-page excerpt)
Maturana extract
CCVII (Mentioned)
  Merleau Ponty M, The World of Perception, London, Routledge, 2004   CCI (Essential)
  Moran D and Mooney T, The Phenomenology Reader, London and New York, Routledge, 2002 (14-page excerpt)
Moran & Mooney extract
CCIII (Essential)
  Neisser U, Concepts and Conceptual Developments, Cambridge UP, 1984 CCIII (Mentioned)
  Norman D A, Design of Everyday Things, Doubleday, 1990 CCI (Essential)
  Peirce C S, 1931, Elements of Logic – Collected Papers Vol II, Belnap Press, Massachusetts, 1960 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Peters R, Hobbes, London, Peregrine Books, 1967 CCVII (Mentioned)
  Piaget J, (1968), Structuralism, London, Routledge and Keegan Paul, 1971 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Plamenatz, Man and Society, Longmans 1963 (2-page excerpt)
Maturana extract
CCIII (Mentioned)
  Plato, Theaitetos (part), London, J M Dent & sons, Tr.Warrington J, 1961 (4-page excerpt)
Maturana extract
CCVII (Mentioned)
  Prigogene I, Time and the laws of Nature, IN, The Physical Nature of Consciousness, Van Loocke P [ed], Amsterdam and Phhiladelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2001 (1-page excerpt)
Maturana extract
CCI (Mentioned)
  Rapoport A, The Meaning of the Built Environment, London; new Delhi, Sage, 1982 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Ricoeur P, The Conflict of interpretations : essays in hermeneutics, London, Continuum Publishing Group, 2004 CCVII (Mentioned)
  Saussure F de, 1911, Course in General Linguistics, Duckworth, 1983 CCIII (Mentioned)
CCVI (Mentioned)
  Schutz A, On Phenomenology and Social Relations, Wagner H (ed), University of Chicago Press, 1975 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Scott G, The Architecture of Humanism, New York London, W W Norton, 1999/1974 (16-page excerpt)
Maturana extract

CCIII (Mentioned)

  Shaw, G B, The Sanity of Art, (8-page excerpt)
The Sanity of Art
CCII (Mentioned)
  Stevenson L, Seven Theories of Human Nature, Oxford Uni Press, 1987 CCIII (Mentioned)
  Summerson J, The Classical Language of Architecture, London, Thames Hudson, 1980 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Tanguay D, Leo Strauss, New Haven Conn, London, Yale UP (2-page excerpt)
Maturana extract
CCVII (Mentioned)
  Thompson B, Architectural Hermeneutics XIII: The Missing Link, IN, Crossing Boundaries, Craig T (ed), Scott Sutherland School, Aberdeen, 2003, pp.27-34 The Missing Link CCII (Essential)
  Tolman E C, Purposeful Behaviour in Animals and Men, Appleton Century, New York, 1932 CCVI (Mentioned)
  Vattimo G, 1985/1988, The End of Modernity, Cambridge, Polity Press CCVI (Mentioned)
* (a) Warburton N, The Basics of Essay Writing, London and new York, Routledge, 2007 CCV (Essential)
Common Source
* (b) Warburton N, Thinking From A-Z III, London and new York, Routledge, 2007 CCV (Essential)
Common Source
  Watkin D, Morality and Architecture Revisited, London, John Murray, 2001 (15-page excerpt)
Maturana extract

CCIII (Mentioned)

  Weibenson D, Theory and Practice from Alberti to Ledoux, Arch. Publications, 1982 CCVI (Essential)
  Wines J, Green Architecture, Taschen, Koln, 2000 CCI (Essential)
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